From the Vice Chancellor's DeskA very warm welcome to the portals of the Central University of Jammu, youngest member of the Central University fraternity of India.

The Central University of Jammu aspires to be one of India’s leading universities offering innovative, responsive and high quality educational opportunities at the under graduate, graduate and post-graduate levels. We aim to enable individuals to realize and develop to the fullest their physical and intellectual potentialities; promote social and human values in order to build a strong character, as also inculcate scientific temper and moral values; to facilitate pursuit of knowledge and academic excellence.

We strive to humanize education, making it relevant to the acquirement of a wide variety of aptitudes and diversity of talents. Simultaneously the CUJ endeavours to stimulate curiosity to intensify the process of learning. It stresses the importance of individual self fulfillment, group cohesiveness, work and achievement; also fostering a habit of clear, independent thinking. The objective is to transform individuals into integrated personalities with noble ideals.

A logical option to the university administration was to embark upon the academic programmes only after the basic facilities and amenities had been created and put in place, which would have taken at least a couple of years. Therefore, in order to positively respond to the public aspirations and for the benefit of the student community, the Central University of Jammu decided to begin educational activities with the existing resources. Whatever may be deficient in the infrastructural and material facilities, we will try to make up with care and concern for the welfare and aspirations of the pioneer group of students.

Come to convert your innate intelligence to astute knowledge and ripen your knowledge into wisdom deepened by the high quality education. I wish you all the very best in the pursuit of your dreams.